Renata started investing in Real Estate with her co-founder, and life partner Haris Velic, in the middle of 2009. They, like almost everyone else, started investing in their backyard; California.

Over many years of taking numerous courses and attending many real estate events, they began to learn that investing out-of-state was an amazing idea and proved to be much more lucrative than investing in “their own backyard.”

With the current modernized world they were able to quickly start investing in Alabama, Florida and Ohio. After selling off their investment properties in California they looked to many states for possible opportunists.

One of those easily looked over states was Michigan. But the numbers they saw could not lie and they couldn’t let this possible opportunity pass them by. They got on a flight to Detroit, Michigan and spent a few days exploring the area and looking at the housing portfolio they were considering buying.

They left Michigan 100% certain they loved the houses, neighborhoods and people they met! This was the first steps to many more taken in their investing path in Michigan.

They now ask you to join them and make passive income with them all the while revitalizing these beautiful areas! We can all shed some overdue light to this part of Michigan–together!

Renata & Haris Velic